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The printing process begins with a blank canvas. Just as a painter would use a brush to paint a stunning scene, we use state of the art software to create and manipulate your canvas into the masterpiece you have always envisioned. Whether we produce or provide artwork, our amazing art gurus are here to help.

Wondering where to start? Overwhelmed with the google searches? Nothing making sense? We understand starting your project shouldn't be confusing. When you contact WPI to begin your project, you will be connected with one of our prepress specialists. From there, they will ask the right questions to exactract your vision in order to bring your project to life. We have continually watched the printing market and over the years have invested in the right equipment and the brightest people. So sit back and relax, the WPI team is at your disposal.

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Ringing in a new era...

While WPI still strongly holds onto old school values and some methods of business, we also realized the need for new technology in today's modern age. You can start a fire with flint rock, but matches or a lighter sure can get the fire going more quickly. Keeping that base concept in mind, like any tool there are numerous types with different costs associated in degree of quality (book matches, BIC lighter, ZIPPO, etc.) The thought process in decisions on what tools we use to produce product was driven by the demand on quality of that product. Anyone can put ink on paper, but not everyone consistently strives to exceed quality, time lines and cost expectations of the customer. To do so requires the best available tools to produce the best product.

Our recent move to a brand new facility included the purchase of a new Heildelberg CX-75, the latest and greatest technology in offset print made in the world today. Along with this, we have all new prepress front end system hardware and software. Why stop there? We also incorporated a NEW Heidelberg Versafire Digital Press for those short runs that require the same matching quality standards. Our commitment to exceed the quality of most other printing companies goes beyond the capitol investment of machinery. The highly skilled and seasoned team at WPI possess the knowledge, ability, and willingness to out-preform our competitors.

We are often asked "With whom do we compete?" Simple answer, rarely anyone. We do not try to be the cheapest, but do strive to be the best. That being said, we often find our costs are competitive while excelling above others in quality, time lines, and customer service - The trifecta!

When you need quality print produced correct the first time in a timely and cost efficient manner, rely upon WPI as so many others do. Then, "Consider it Done!"



We will soon launch our fist ever top printed items of the year. When this section goes live you'll be able to flip through the slides to get a detailed list of the top, hottest printed items at WPI. This list has been compiled using information gathered from the highest demanded products our customers needed, as well as some of the coolest projects we were able to produce.